Beginner or Advanced Player? We’ll Show You Which is the Best casino game

. Blackjack

This is the card game where you can’t let your cards add up to more than 21. It’s a crowd favorite because it’s easy and you only need to beat one opponent: the dealer.

What are the rules? You’ll be given two cards to start with and you can keep asking for more to try and win. When you and the dealer decide you’ve got enough cards, you reveal them and all the cards’ values get counted together to make up your total. Winning means your total is the closest to 21, but not over.

. Slots

This started out as a mechanical game but now you get the same experience in a software version. You still have a few reels and the goal of landing a winning combination.

On online casinos you can play your real money but you can also simply play for the fun of the game. If playing real money is your version of fun, get ready to win $1 Million or more, because with progressive slots on online casino platforms that’s a huge possibility.

. Roulette

Lastly, there’s the famous game of roulette where you bet on which numbers a ball will fall after it bounces around the wheel. You can win for betting on the right color or number and you’ll find various versions of this casino game such as the American, French & European types.

. Video Poker
Video Poker

This is one of the more advanced types of casino games and knowing how to play requires quite a learning curve. But after the initial phase you’ll love this one. It’s fun because it takes a mix of luck, strategy and skill to be the best player at the table.

There are a few variants with Texas Hold’Em and Omaha versions being some of the favorites.

. Baccarat

Here’s another of the gambling games where you play against the card dealer. It’s a popular game but with many variants. You can select one of them from the types of casino games available on a platform. It’s popular because the players don’t make any decisions, so you don’t need a lot of strategy experience to know how to play.

. Craps

Let’s move away from cards and give you a different casino game to play; this one uses dices and it’s a favorite for newbies & pro players alike. All you have to do is guess the outcome of the few dices that you roll. After two centuries it still attracts a lot of casino players, also online.

Finding the best gambling games for you is all about matching them to your preferences. Are you the player that likes fast paced plays or learning new strategies? No matter which type of player you are, there’s a game for you. Knowing more about these online games will help you identify which one’s best for you and where it’s best to invest real money. So, let’s talk about them.